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Maidwell Marketing

Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Print Display

Impact was challenged by Maidwell Marketing to reach LGBTQ audiences for this new West End musical, through a large hand-to-hand campaign targeting gay bars in Soho and Clapham over three weekends.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie recently transferred from Sheffield to the West End and our client, Maidwell Marketing, wished to target the LGBTQ community through an extensive hand-to-hand campaign.

The bespoke print created for this distribution was a series of unique ‘Jamie Heads’ – a dramatic cutout of the original poster, showing just the lead character’s laughing face. These flyers were slightly larger than A5 in size, and extremely eye-catching.

Together with the client, we constructed a campaign that distributed 14,800 flyers by hand over 74 hours. We focused mainly on gay bars in the Soho and Clapham areas that were expected to get heavy footfall from LGBTQ audiences.

Our unusual ‘Jamie Heads’ were a major talking point among members of the public, tempting plenty of people to approach our promotions team to ask for more information. The feedback from the team was universally positive, and all of the print was handed out in an extraordinarily successful campaign that spread the word of the new musical directly to the intended demographic.