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Education, Education, Education - Trailer


Maidwell Marketing approached us to create a 90s inspired opening style video for the Wardrobe Ensemble’s Education, Education, Education which would be used on ticketing websites and across social media channels. The video needed to be fun, vibrant and, most importantly, a homage to 90s TV shows.

They provided us with the character descriptions and shots they wanted to include, we then worked on a mood board and developed the shot ideas so they would work with opening-style nature of the video. Once the shots were agreed, we then looked into animation styles and graphics we could use – we took inspiration from shows such as Byker Grove and Grange Hill.

For the shoot we were in a small studio with a massive grey backdrop so to keep up the energy and enthusiasm we played some of the best 90s hits and squeezed in a macarena or two. We captured each character in a variety of positions and lots of work was done in post to animate the video and give it the 90s vibe.

Check out our behind the scenes pic below:


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