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British Museum

Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia


Our hand-to-hand team was deployed to spread the word about the British Museum’s new exhibition, and to reach out to students with a special 2-for-1 ticket deal.

After noticing a post on the British Museum’s blog comparing the Scythians – the subject of its new exhibition – to the Dothraki in Game of Thrones, we got in touch with the organisers and suggested that our Brand Ambassadors dressed as Scythian warriors to promote the event. The British Museum loved the idea, and decided to use it to promote a 2-for-1 student ticket deal.

We purchased two warrior costumes and assigned our Brand Ambassadors shifts at comic-books shops, freshers’ fairs and Game of Thrones-themed events, to reach the intended demographics.

This campaign distributed 7000 flyers over 35 hours. The costumes helped to attract key audiences to the Brand Ambassadors, who had been throughly briefed on the ‘Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia’ exhibition so they were able to covey more information about the event as well as giving directions to the Museum itself.

A highly successful campaign that spread the word among the intended audience.