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Brighton Museum

Cities of Africa exhibition


Impact was asked to promote the UK’s first major exhibition dedicated to contemporary African fashion, held at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

Our brief was to engage with and excite audiences above and beyond the Museum’s usual reach. We needed to reach out to Londoners, and encourage them to visit Brighton and the exhibition.

Because we work closely with Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, we were involved from the planning stage and were therefore able to use a variety of designs and print types to suit our different services: posters, visual display placement, hand-to-hand and word-of-mouth, using our Brand Ambassadors.

Our knowledge of London, backed up by extensive research data, helped us to select the best services for an additional focus on fashion and textile students, plus nationals from the countries featured in the exhibition now based in the capital.

We engaged with community venues, universities and fabric shops, among others, based upon geography and demographics, and had a hand-to-hand presence at topically relevant talks, shows and seminars.

Excellent engagement and conversation was generated through our Brand Ambassador services, which helped to contribute to an excellent overall presence in key areas, backed up by poster and print displays.