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Almeida Theatre

Almeida For Free festival 2018


Impact was engaged to document the Almeida For Free festival in an engaging, dynamic way, and to accurately communicate the initiative’s energy to a digital audience.

The Almeida Theatre was looking for a film that would encompass the creativity and buzzing atmosphere of its three-day free festival for people aged 25 and under. Our approach was to add dynamic movement to the camerawork as we interviewed participants and audience members.

We filmed across two days in order to catch key moments throughout the event, and to ensure that the footage captured the energetic nature of the festival, then produced two versions of the film: one to showcase the breadth of the initiative to supporters, and a second, shorter version for the Almeida’s social media channels.

The result was a pair of engaging videos that perfectly expressed the youthful vitality of this free festival, an ideal way to encourage young people to engage with the theatre.